Aoi Isshiki
一色 葵

Uniform aoi
Get out of my sight. I have no business with those who run away just because they weren't "born with talent".

Unit aoi
I belong only to me. I will only do what I should. That's what I decided the day I arrived here.


Bg 02
Ice cold voice actor who hides his affection and has no intention of being friends?!
Logo prids
Motif Jewel
Blue Diamond
Block L Room 205
Computing Club
Personal Information
February 17th
Blood Type
Other Information
Favourite Food
Sushi, Dorayaki Latte, Red Bean Paste Bowl
Disliked Food
Frequented Place
Lesson Room
Aoi Isshiki Signature (Gold)
A skilled voice actor with a high IQ, he has an extremely strong sense of pride. Though he is very picky with the jobs he takes, he secretly works harder than anybody else. It seems that he is actually unbelievably bad at using technology...?[1]


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Aoi has light blond hair, that is long, straight, and smooth. It has a left parting, with a fringe that reaches his browline, and longer locks of hair on both sides that frame his face, reaching just above his jawline. He usually wears his hair in a ponytail on the left side of his head. He has pale sky blue, angular eyes.

When wearing his uniform, he has a long sleeved shirt, that is buttoned all the way, and wears the third year’s blue tie with it. He wears a dull blue pinstripe vest with 6 white buttons all done up, and he wears his blazer draped over his shoulders. He has grey trousers, with a reddish-brown belt with a silver buckle, and brown oxfords.

Aoi’s Prid’s unit outfit loosely resembles a marching band uniform, and consists of A white, half sleeves jacket, with a gold trim and gold clasps, which are done up. The jacket has gold chains on the left shoulder, which connect to a blue circular gem just below the collar. He also wears a dark blue cloak with a white fur trim and gold clasps. He has dark blue pinstripe trousers that are tucked into similarly coloured boots with a gold trim. Aoi has a black and white horizontal striped sash, and two silver chains over his hips, and white fitted gloves that reach just past his wrists.


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A very strict and serious person, values discipline and hard work over everything else. Aoi is also not good at expressing his thoughts into words, and usually doesn’t like to show his true emotions. Due to this, he tends to come off as uncaring and harsh, many people believing he dislikes their presence. However, he does care a lot about the people around him.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Aoi means "hollyhock, althea" (葵).
  • Aoi's surname Isshiki means "one" (一) (isshi) and "color" (色) (ki).


  • At first, Aoi bonded with Chihiro over their love for sweets. Especially because of an infamously sweet drink only the two of them drank: dorayaki latte.
  • Aoi is awful with technology, seen clearly in his awkward typing and typos on his twiine account where he receives lessons by Yuuna in the computer club to deal with this.

Seiyuu's CommentEdit

Q.Please tell us what there is to like about the character you play, and his charm.

A: This time I get to play Isshiki Aoi, who gives a cold hearted impression but is a straightforward person with passion inside. The more you communicate, the more fun will appear, so please try to interact a lot!


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